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Isaro a brilliant site with loads of German Winning Moves packs.


The cheapest source of Top Trumps is right here at the biggest and best Top Trumps Reference site, so drop by and see for yourself from a range of packs, STTs and Booster from all over the globe.


Germanycards is a specialist in the more recent German packs but not Winning Moves. The intensive list is also an excellent source of information.

Take a look at this great site, a must for all fans of older football cards, not just Top Trumps!

Ultimate Trumps

Ultimate Trumps is the newest brand of Trumps and comes to you from the creators of the Ultimate Top Trumps Reference website. Ultimate Trumps produces highly educational packs so you can learn while you play!

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Simpsons!
FaceBook page Take a look at this passionate collector from Belgium!